Help Children Shine Fundraiser


At HalfSteps, our mission is to help every child develop into their best selves. For us, that means providing a deeply enriching, fun environment where children can make music, bond with their grownups, and make new friends. Though we believe music is everyone’s birthright, there are many children who don’t even have their basic needs met, and we’d like to help fix that.


This is the first of what we hope to become an annual fundraiser to benefit children in various ways. This year, all proceeds are benefitting the KIND organization. KIND provides pro bono legal services to unaccompanied children at the border. They also work in the countries of origin to ensure that no child is unwillingly and involuntarily migrating. 


In line with our mission, each of the stories and songs planned for the event helps to build self-confidence, overcome obstacles, or embrace our uniqueness and SHINE.  As always, the activities and crafts are geared toward children, but quite frankly the messages are something that we adults could be reminded of as well.


Our featured book is a new story by David Yeager (who happens to be my uncle) called “Nikki Durant and the Terrible Can't”. Each family who purchases a ticket to Help Children Shine will receive an autographed copy of the book. If you cannot attend but would still like to receive an autographed book, there is an option for that on the registration page.


Your entire donation, minus $3 for book production fees, is tax deductible. You will receive a digital receipt for tax purposes 2-4 weeks after the event.