Silver Lining Family Jam Contest

School is out, vacation plans have become staycation plans, team sports are cancelled, large gatherings are out, and even playdates are frowned upon. On a GOOD day, the little ones are usually bouncing off the walls. So what is a housebound family to do? Well, the silver lining in all of this is that we take a break from our usually hectic lives and spend quality time with our family. At home. 

Making that time musical can have some significant health effects, so how about you and your family make some Music Together®? Get your wiggles out, and maybe it will even earn you a sweet deal off Spring tuition!

You do not have to be a current HalfSteps student to qualify, but you do need to be a local resident with at least one child between the ages of 0 and 5 years. That includes expectant families! 


Here's how to submit your first entry:

  1. Subscribe to the HalfSteps email list.
  2. "Like" the HalfSteps Facebook page (@halfstepsco). 
  3. View and "Like" the Facebook Contest Live Announcement Video
  4. Download the FREE Hello, Everybody app from Music Together. (Available on Google Play or iPhone)
  5. Choose one of the 8 free songs that you want your family to jam to (if you are a current student, you can choose a song from any collection that you have access to).
  6. Use the "RECORD" feature within the app to video your family members jamming to the song. They don't need to be singing. They can lip sync, clap along, dance, or play instruments -- even pots and pans or the instrument craft from our Facebook video! (Like we said, you don't need to sing, but if you want to, you can turn down the vocals by sliding the microphone icon to the left! And you can even turn it on selfie mode so you can join in on the fun!)
  7. The video needs to be at least :30 (30 seconds) in length.
  8. Post your video as a comment below the Facebook Contest Live Announcement Video. 

Here's how to earn more entries:

  • Also post your video to your own Facebook profile. Make the video public and tag @halfstepsco. That earns you one additional entry.
  • For each additional video that you post as a comment to the HalfSteps Facebook Contest Announcement Video, you will earn an additional entry. It must be a uniquely different video from your previous entries, but you CAN use the same song more than once.
  • If you are a current or former HalfSteps family who has attended at least one full semester, posting a review on Facebook or Google will earn you another entry.

Here's how to sweeten the pot:

  • SHARE SHARE SHARE! Recruit your local friends to participate because the more families that participate, the more the value of the prize increases--up to $100 off Spring 2020 Tuition!


We will randomly choose one winner from all the entries on Sunday, March 29, 2020 between 11am and 4pm. The MINIMUM prize is a $10 voucher toward Spring Tuition at Music Together with HalfSteps. That means even if only one family enters the contest, they will receive $10 off Spring Tuition. However, if more than 10 families enter, the amount of the prize will equal the number of participating families, up to $100! 

Please note that although each additional video that you post WILL earn you another entry, only your first video will count toward the prize value. The prize value corresponds to the number of UNIQUE families that enter the contest. 

The voucher MUST be redeemed during the Spring 2020 semester, with the exception of expectant families. Based on the child's arrival date, accommodations will be made to use the voucher in a future semester.

The voucher may not be combined with any other discount or voucher for the Spring 2020 semester. If the winner has earned credit from referrals, that credit will be deferred to a later semester. 

The voucher may not be transferred to another family, unless there are extenuating circumstances.



Families who live within 30 miles of zip code 34240 may participate in the contest. Eligible families must have a child between the ages of 0 and 5 years as of March 29, 2020 or must be expecting a child within that age bracket to join the family by December 31, 2020. Please note that the discount/voucher is only valid at HalfSteps, LLC and no other Music Together provider. Winning family does not need to be current or former students of HalfSteps, LLC. 

Eligible families must have subscribed to the HalfSteps email list, "Liked" the HalfSteps page on Facebook, "Liked" the Facebook Live Contest Announcement video, and posted at least one 30-second or longer video of their family (or some members of their family--even pets) jamming to a song using the video recording feature within the Hello, Everybody app. The winner will be chosen at random. The videos will not be judged on performance. The videos will only be reviewed to ensure that they meet the minimum length requirements and that the subjects are actively engaging in some way with the music. 

Contest ends at 10am ET, March 29, 2020.

By participating in the contest, your are granting HalfSteps, LLC ownership of the video and granting HalfSteps, LLC permission to use the video for publicity and marketing purposes. It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that any minors appearing in the video are under legal guardianship of the entrant and/or have permission by their parent or guardian to appear in the video.