Canta y Baila Conmigo®: Music and Movement in Spanish


Designed for children ages 0 - 6 with their caregivers, Canta y Baila Conmigo® brings you Spanish immersion and music education in one joyful class experience.


CyBC classes are perfect for both native speakers and families completely new to Spanish. Our structured immersion model introduces Spanish the way a child learns any language: through play and meaningful interactions with the adults they love. Learning happens naturally within an authentic, culturally rich and dynamic musical experience.


Join our CyBC community and expand your child's world through music-based language learning.




We are kicking off the program with a mini semester in November. This will consist of 4 weeks of Spanish Immersion classes, with some exclusive video content during the Thanksgiving break to help our families continue language and music learning. We are excited to be able to offer classes in the early evening and on the weekend so that hopefully the entire family can attend and learn together. As always, there is no limit to the number of adults who can attend, so we hope to see many abuelos y abuelas! Tuition includes a songbook with the full musical notation, plus lyrics in Spanish along with their English translations. Each family will also receive a CD to play at home. You are going to absolutely love this collection!




**NEW** If you are intrigued by the Canta y Baila Conmigo program but are unsure yet if you want to enroll, we have good news! You can try the class for the drop-in rate of $15 per child. If you decide to enroll, the fee will go toward your registration! This credit will be good toward the current mini-semester or the full 10-week Winter 2020 semester, which starts in January. You can register for a drop-in class here.


Fall Mini Semester Class Schedule:


11/09/19    2P Saturday    
11/16/19    2P Saturday    
11/23/19    <None> Saturday   (Thanksgiving Break)
11/30/19    <None> Saturday   (Thanksgiving Break)
12/07/19    2P Saturday    
12/14/19    2P Saturday  



11/15/19    5:30 PM Friday    
11/22/19    5:30 PM Friday    
11/29/19    <None> Friday   (Thanksgiving Break)
12/06/19    5:30 PM Friday    
12/13/19    5:30 PM Friday