Referral Program

Due to the structure of the online class and the special pricing, any tuition discounts for referrals will be applied toward Fall tuition. We will still be keeping track of  who is makering referralsRefer new families to HalfSteps and for every family you refer who joins, we'll give you a $20 semester credit for the following semester with us. 


Rules for Referring (currently enrolled families) Families

  • Have your friend enter "Referred by...." in the comments when they register online 
  • After new family registers mentioning your name, we will add a $20 referral credit to your account to be automatically applied toward your tuition once your friend has been registered for a full Fall, Winter, or Spring semester. 
  • You must also be registered in the same semester as your friend in order to get the credit.
  • There is no limit to how many credits you can receive for referrals (e.g. if a family refers 3 new families and they all register, the family who referred would get $60 credit toward future tuition.) 
  • Credits are non-transferable.
  • Credits are per family referred, not per child.
  • Credits may only to be applied to tuition - they have no cash value. 


Rules for Referral (new) Familes

  • Register online and write "Referred by..." in the comments
  • New families mention one referral family only
  • Referrals good per family, not per child. 
  • Referral Families must be new to HalfSteps. No exceptions.


Questions? Call or text 941.545.6965